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Welcome to the future:

Hang objects using...magnets!


Hang pictures, television screens and more with Magnektik: no more holes in the walls, no strings attached



Retail & Offices

Whether you live in a 2 story home or a 2 bedroom apartment, Magenktik make the most of your space, utilizing areas that once were just “walls”.

Create workspaces, turn a child’s room into fantasy land, and never run out of shelf space.

  • Less labor needed to hang a show, no labor needed to prepare the walls.

  • Change compositions, experiment, have fun - and never pick up a drill

  • Move works around till you find the precise positioning you are happy with

  • Open sooner and faster

Showcase your products or items on sale anytime you want, without the need to redesign your store. The Magnektik system gives you the flexibility you need.

Create the perfect modular space - effortlessly change storefront displays on a daily basis, create an impressive wall of certificates and maps and more.


Hang heavy weight
objects (up to 200 lbs!)  without drilling


Easy hang on concrete, plaster, sheetrock and other surfaces


Reusable solution: no need to repaint, optimizes space utilization and more


The infrastructure can be visible and designed, or completely hidden


Design by desire approach: make

changes in a snap 


Saves money over time: no more

wall fix ings

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