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The Company

Magenktik was founded back in 2008, first as a solution for galleries, and later on incorporated into homes of all sizes. Over the years we have tested many materials and refined our magnets and methods. We use rare earth magnets that enable the durability and unique design that enables easy removal.

Our Vision to revolutionize the aesthetics and functionality in homes and galleries allowing people to freely express themselves and design their spaces without the constraints of tools or holes. Just the same way that furniture can be easily moved to redesign a room and make it more functional and adjusted to our needs, we feel that walls should have the same privilege of “design by desire”.



Magnektik believes in sustainability and eco-friendliness.  This is demonstrated in several areas:

Eliminating Building Materials

No need for screws, nails, anchors, etc.

No Need to Repaint

Saves on harsh paint and other solvents that harm the environment

Optimize the Use of Space

As the world is moving towards micro-apartments as solutions for urban living, Magnektik helps to make more out of a smaller space by effortlessly adding shelves and other storage solutions

No Need for Tools or Repairmen

Never buy a drill or a hammer, or call on a handyman to hang a picture or a television again

Better use of Plaster Walls

In order to hang heavy objects on plaster walls or drywall, an extra layer must be installed to strengthen the wall. Magnektik eliminates the need for this extra layer and effort.


Magnektik is active in the local community: sponsoring the local youths running team,

volunteer with mentoring young entrepreneurs and in the local police forces.

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