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Magnektik.  So easy.


Hanging with Magnektik replaces drilling, bolts & nuts,

just as the word processor replaced the typing machine

A Magnektik is a flat magnet made of unique materials that can bear over 10 times as much weight as a regular magnet.  The Magnektiks are flat with a hook and come in a range of sizes - holding from 1 to 200 lbs.



Hang small items such as framed photos, or large, fragile items such as LCD’s effortlessly, with no damage to the wall.  Removing the Magnektik is simple - just pull the flap and the magnet comes right off.

Magnetic Hanging,Hidden installation
Photo frame mounted on Magnektik
Imaging- TV mounted on Magnektiks
Connecting the TV frame to Magnektik
Guitar hanging on Magnektik
Mobile Magnektik Hanger
Straight or diagonally by mood...
Hanging a picture frame on Magnektik
Magnektik's back- magnetic surface

Magnektik enables the ever creative pursuit of an enjoyable

and comfortable, well designed room environment.

Magnektik allows for the freedom to experiment without paying for mistakes

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